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Sailing is the best way to experience Greece!


With have so many islands, and so many different harbors and bays, that we have the freedom to explore every day something new.

Greece has a variety of sailing regions to choose from, each with its unique character, cuisine, natural beauty, and sailing conditions.

Argosaronic Gulf

Tranquility and Culture! 

Hydra, Poros,
Spetses, Epidavros, Aegina, Agkistri

Tours start every Saturday

from Alimos or Lavrio

The Cyclades in the middle of the Aegean, the Ionian islands, the Dodecanese in the Southeast, the Sporades in the North, and the islands of the Argosaronic Gulf close to Athens.
Each has its own weather conditions and unique charm.


Skipper Dimitri has navigated extensively in all of these areas, acquiring knowledge of the harbors and bays, their culture and scenic beauty, so he can help you plan your dream vacation.

Tours start every Saturday from every major base in Greece:

Athens, Paros, Mykonos, Kos, Rhodes, Lefkas, Corfu!

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