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Sail to Mykonos
One week: Athens to Mykonos and back

 Let's sail to Mykonos and explore the Cyclades. The tour starts in the Olympic Marine in Lavrio and stops at several islands (Kea, Kythnos, Syros) until it reaches the "island of winds", and then we sail back to Lavrio. Each day we sail 3-6 hours, planning a stop for rest, swimming, and lunch. At nights we find a spot in a harbor, but we also have the option to anchor out on private bays.  

Hands-on sailing
Weekly training course

Here my goal is to train skipper and crew so they gain enough knowledge and skills to sail a boat on their own. 

It is better suited for those that have a skipper's license, but not yet the required time in the water to handle crew and yacht on their own.... so we learn!

Great also for more experienced sailors who want to better know the Greek waters... 

The Way of Apollo
A two week tour through the archaeological sites
in the Cyclades

Set your sails to the paths of Apollo and discover the wonders of the ancient Cycladic civilization. The metropolis of Delos, the temple of Poseidon at Sounio, medieval castles and remote monasteries...

We have arranged excursions to the different islands that you can opt to take with professional guides or you can discover them on your own or with the help Dimitri.

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